Do Your Homework

Many people will award a contract for thousands of dollars of work at their home after doing almost no homework on the prospective company. We recognize that our clients are investing in their homes. For any comprehensive project, we feel it is important for our prospective clients to thoroughly examine the companies they are talking to, asking questions so that they will understand the process they are undertaking. You do not want to start a substantial project without first doing a little homework.
Some questions to ask:


  1. Have you called their references?
  2. Does the company have an established place of business?
  3. How long have they been in business?
  4. Does the company carry Worker’s Compensation and General Liability to protect the homeowner against injury claims and property damage? If a worker is injured at your home and the company does not carry Workers Compensation insurance, your Homeowners Insurance might be liable.
  5. Do the crews wear uniforms?


  1. Because the soil prep is critical, ask the method they will use to prepare your new beds.
  2. Will the sub-soil be roto-tilled prior to adding bedding soil?
  3. Does the plan provide enough detail to understand?
  4. Does the plant design show ultimate growth to scale? Plants mature bigger than most people think, so they should be spaced properly to accommodate future growth.


  1. Does the company have good credit with their suppliers?
  2. While a small initial deposit and timely interim draws are standard, you should not have to pay a large percentage up front.

  3. Can the company coordinate the different phases of a comprehensive project?
  4. When doing a project involving a pool, landscaping, shade structures, patios, etc.,a well-run, well scheduled job is essential to the overall success of your project.