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Swimming Pools

Custom Pools in Houston & Other Areas

Crenshaw Landscapes designs custom pools in Houston and other nearby areas, giving you and your family years of enjoyment and pleasure. A new pool provides you the opportunity for healthy outdoor activities, entertainment, and quality family time. Properly planned and designed to be a part of your yard, it will provide you and your family with years of fun and outdoor exercise.

A well-designed pool fits naturally into your yard. Our process encompasses the pool, patio, and landscape, rather than having it randomly installed into the yard, forcing the patio and landscape into whatever shape is left.

We can and will tailor our designs to your needs and work closely with your pool company to ensure your complete satisfaction. Our landscape will be as inviting to you as the cool blue water. Just imagine sitting on your patio and relaxing while surrounded by peaceful scenery. Or we can create an area in the yard for you to sit back and enjoy looking over the beautiful view with the backdrop of the patio and house. When every aspect you are looking for in your yard is done together in one master plan, you will enjoy something from every angle.

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When it comes to custom pools in Houston, Crenshaw has been producing eye-catching designs since 1980. When you are ready to install a new landscaping to include a pool in your backyard, we can create a master plan for you. By having it designed at the same time as the landscape, you will be ready for each phase of the project right from the start. We will work with whichever builder you choose. So, when planning outdoor features as part of your landscaping project, you can call on us to help guide the entire process down the right path.

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